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ChristianityNext: Women and Biblical Traditions is now available!

ChristianityNext is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal for Asian North American Christian academics and practitioners.

It affirms its evangelical and ecumenical roots and asks different questions and practices new ways of being. Its contribution is both theoretical and practical and it values both original research as well as lived experience.

We welcome articles and book reviews for annually themed issues impacting Asian North American Christianity. We welcome contributions from published authors and first-time researchers in shaping our shared knowledge and consciousness for the Asian North American church and society.

If you are interested in subscribing to ChristianityNext as an individual or institution, please email info@christianitynext.org

Now Accepting Contributions for the Upcoming Issue!

Editor in Chief
  • Young Lee-Hertig
Editorial Board
  • Edward Yang
  • Jessica ChenFeng
  • Daniel D Lee (Book Review Editor)
Advisory Board
  • Amos Yong
  • Kay Higuera Smith
  • Robert Romero
Copy Editor
  • Kevin Pranoto
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