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Can “FOB Fever” Crack the Bamboo Ceiling? by Young Lee Hertig

The term “the bamboo ceiling” coined by Jane Hyun describes the virtual absence of Asian Americans in top corporate CEO positions despite significant numbers of Asian American students at Harvard (18%) and Stanford (24%). On October 14, 2014, an article called “Cracking the Bamboo Ceiling” posted in The Atlantic stated that Asian Americans account for just 1.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs and 1.9% of corporate officers overall. 63% of Asian men feel stalled in their careers, a higher rate than any other groups reported. The bamboo ceiling can describe Asian Americans in mainstream culture and media as well. Interestingly, Asian Americans recently filled viewing parties for the new ABC series, Fresh Off the Boat.  Click Here to Read More…

Photo by Chris Smith Ronnie Shumate

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