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When Women Preach... Podcast

Disclaimer: The views, actions, and affiliations of guests invited on this podcast do not always reflect ISAAC’s official stances; they belong to the guests. This podcast is a platform for voices to be shared and perspectives to be discussed.

Ep 1: Why Women Preaching Matters

Kay Higuera Smith and Young Lee Hertig dialogue why women preaching matters. 

Ep 2: To Manuscript or Not to Manuscript

Young Lee Hertig dialogues with Dr. Charlene Jin Lee of Loyola Marymount University about their insights on going with and without a manuscript, sensing the congregation, and other perspectives on preaching.

Ep 3: Wrestling with the Text

Guest host Miriam Cho interviews Peace Lee, Katherine Guerrero, and Kim Ayala-Kim at Duke Divinity School. They explore how to wrestle with the Biblical text and preaching in the context of Durham, North Carolina.

Ep 4: Preaching through Art

Guest host Miriam Cho interviews Lisa Beyeler-Yvarra and Angie Hong at Duke Divinity School about their experiences of preaching through art.

Ep 5: Church Planting

Guest host Miriam Cho sits down with Anna Kang and Jennifer Chou on how they became church planters.

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