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The 1st Symposium: Asian American Perspective and Contribution

“Living Out the Gospel,” addresses continuity and change in the on-going development of Asian American church ministries.

    It specifically questions the difficult and often painful relationship between innovation and faithfulness in the lives of Asian Americans and Asian American churches.

  • What reconciliation is possible between generations that define themselves by, on the one hand, immigration, tradition, and family, and on the other hand, individualism and autonomy, integration, and friendship by internet?
  • If newly emerging Asian American churches remain loyal to their first-generation predecessors, will they be able to continue to move forward?
  • What are Asian Americans sacrificing by leaving behind their mother churches and striking out on their own?
  • What will “the Gospel” look like within the “living” context of changing Asian American identities, problems, and dreams?

Date: May 5, 2016

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