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AAWOL – Asian American Women on Leadership

Asian American Women On Leadership (AAWOL) exists to gather evangelical Asian American women for leadership renewal and development. AAWOL aims to produce a leadership program that will foster Asian American evangelical women leaders for the church, campus and the community at large through team building,

The 1st Symposium: Asian American Perspective and Contribution

“Living Out the Gospel,” addresses continuity and change in the on-going development of Asian American church ministries. It specifically questions the difficult and often painful relationship between innovation and faithfulness in the lives of Asian Americans and Asian American churches. What reconciliation is possible between

TEE 2012

Date: April, June, and July 2012 TEE is designed to provide opportunities for Asian American leaders to experience the resilient Asian American stories and legacies by visiting historical sites in Los Angeles. The site visits include the multicultural birthing narratives of Los Angles of Olvera

AArt & Faith 2012

Date: June 2012 Traditionally, Christian faith practice has relied heavily upon verbal expression.  However, with the digital revolution, the mode of communication has shifted to multi-sensory expression.  Evidence of this can be seen as visual art and images cover the pages of Facebook, and more

The 4th Symposium: When Theologies Hit The Ground

Jesus brings down the lawyer’s theology down to earth in the Good Samaritan story. What does living out the gospel look like in a postgrowthmanship era where modernity’s mantra, “the bigger the better,” no longer seems sustainable with 7 billion people inhabiting the earth? What

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