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Symposium Schedule

Monday, November 3rd
9:30am Registration
10:00am Welcome (Sam Koh)
10:05am Introduction (Cecil “Chip” Murray & Young Lee Hertig)
10:15am ISAAC’s Mission: James Yu & Young Lee Hertig
10:30am Keynote 1: Who are My People? A Christian Vision of Belonging (Willie James Jennings)
11:30am Q & A Session
12:00pm Lunch & Networking
1:00pm Response Panel 1: Who are My People? A Christian Vision of Belonging (Cecil Chip Murray, David Choi, Jonathan Tran, Kay Higuera Smith, Laura Mariko Cheifetz, Oscar Owens)
2:30pm Response from Willie Jennings
2:40pm Workshops on Ministry Implications
4:10pm Regroup for feedback & Announcement
4:30pm Refreshments & Rap (Featuring Jason Chu and band, and Jacqulyn Whang)
5:00pm Welcome and Introductions
5:15pm Praise Music (Tanya Decuir)
5:30pm Rap (Jason Chu)
5:40pm “Resilient Leadership: Yuri Kochiyama” (Donald Brown)
5:50pm Special music (Lita Gaithers Owens)
5:55pm Dinner
6:30pm Rap (Jacqulyn Whang)
6:35pm “Resilient Leadership Reflection” (Wendy Tajima)
6:45pm Tribute to the Awardee (Alan Nishio)
6:55pm Granting of Legacy Award (James Yu)
7:00pm Response by the Awardee (Bill Watanabe)
7:10pm Special Music: “You Raise Me Up” (Tanya Decuir)
7:20pm Pledges & Support for ISAAC
7:40pm Announcements (Young Lee Hertig)
7:45pm Benediction (Willie James Jennings)
7:50pm Anthem: “Majesty” (Tanya Decuir)

Tuesday, November 4th
8:30am Registration & Snacks
9:00am Praise Worship (Tanya Decuir)
9:30am Plenary II: A Christian Vision of Belonging: Gender Identity in the Church (Willie James Jennings)
10:20am Response Panel II: Gender & Equality in the Family & Church Life (Allen Yeh, Charlene Jin Lee, Joy Moore, Harold E. Kidd, Kenny Allison, Soong Chan Rah)
11:30am Q & A Session
11:40am Workshops: Familial & Ministerial Implications on Gender Equality
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Feedback & Evaluation
2:15pm Adjourn

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